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Bhalchandra Digamber Garware (fondly referred to as Abasaheb Garware) was a pioneering industrialist from Maharashtra state in India and Founder Chairman of the Garware Group of Industries.

Abasaheb Garware was born in Tasgaon in Sangli district of Maharashtra on December 21, 1903. He faced poverty since his father wasted away all the family wealth and incurred large amount of debts. Due to the financial position at home he was forced to leave education after passing the then 6th Standard High School exam. Then he migrated to England from Mumbai in 1920 at the age of 17 years.

After initial struggle in Mumbai he started an automobile business for his livelihood which made some decent earnings for him. During this time since he was in automobile business he got an idea of the potential for a second-hand car market. He then started working as an agent for selling second-hand cars. Eventually with his entrepreneurship and hard work he established his “Deccan Motor Agency” in Girgaon, a suburb of Mumbai (then Bombay) and earned repute as a reliable dealer in cars. He also got into the business of selling spares, accessories, tyres etc.

In 1933 Abasaheb decided to go to England since second-hand cars were cheap in England then. In London he not only dealt with second hand cars but he also purchased firms from businessmen taking advantage of recession. This move brought him good profits. His move of buying cars in England helped him to get a good grip on the second-hand car business.