Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

Our one more protector from the armed force are the Indian Air Force, who are protecting us from our enemy and flying high in air. The day celebrated for giving them vote of thanks, appreciation and condolence to their family is celebrated on 8th October every year at our country’s capital city New Delhi.

The Indian Air Force was established on October 8, 1932, and the power took an interest in a few significant wars and milestone missions. The Indian Air Force Day is praised to stamp its commemoration. A shining air show by different airplane is wanted to praise the Air Force Day Parade 2019.

Aviation based armed forces Day is commended on October 8 at Hindon base in Ghaziabad close to Delhi. The service will begin at 8 am and will proceed till 11 am.


The IAF’s strategic characterized by the Armed Forces Act of 1947, the Constitution of India, and the Air Force Act of 1950. It announces that in the elevated battle-space:


Guard of India and each part there of including groundwork for protection and every single such go about as might be helpful in the midst of war to its indictment and after its end to powerful deactivation.


By and by, this is taken as a mandate meaning the IAF bears the duty of shielding Indian airspace and in this way promoting national interests related to different parts of the military. The IAF gives close air backing to the Indian Army troops on the combat zone just as key and strategic airdrop abilities. The Integrated Space Cell is worked by the Indian Armed Forces, the regular citizen Department of Space, and the Indian Space Research Organization. By joining the regular citizen run space investigation associations and the military personnel under a solitary Integrated Space Cell the military can proficiently profit by development in the non military personnel area of room investigation, and the non military personnel divisions advantage too.

The Indian Air Force, with exceptionally prepared groups, pilots, and access to current military resources gives India the ability to give fast reaction clearing, search-and-salvage (SAR) tasks, and conveyance of help supplies to influenced zones by means of freight airplane. The IAF gave broad help to alleviation tasks during regular disasters, for example, the Gujarat typhoon in 1998, the wave in 2004, and North India floods in 2013. The IAF has additionally embraced alleviation missions, for example, Operation Rainbow in Sri Lanka.

IAF has performed many operations which are out of knowledge of today’s generation and which should be know by all.

Recent operation by IAF in February, 2019:

Following elevated strains among India and Pakistan in the wake of the 2019 Pulwama assault purportedly completed by Jaish-e-Mohammed that executed forty-six servicemen of the Central Reserve Police Force, a gathering of twelve Mirage 2000 military aircraft from the Indian Air Force did air strikes on supposed JeM bases in Chakothi and Muzaffarabad in the Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. Besides, the Mirage 2000s focused on a supposed JeM preparing camp in Balakot, a town in the Pakistani territory of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pakistan guaranteed that the Indian airplane had just dropped bombs in the backwoods territory wrecking pine trees close to the Jaba town which is 19 kilometers from Balakot.

On 27th February 2019, in reprisal for the IAF besieging of a supposed fear based oppressor fort in Balakot, a gathering of PAF F-16 and JF-17 contenders purportedly led an airstrike against certain ground focuses over the Line of Control. They were caught by a gathering of IAF warriors comprising of Su-30MKI and MiG-21 planes. A following dogfight started. As indicated by India, one PAF F-16 was shot somewhere around an IAF MIG-21 directed by Abhinandan Varthaman, while Pakistan precluded use from securing F-16 in the activity. As per Pakistan, a MiG-21 and a Su30MKI were destroyed, while India guarantees that solitary the MiG-21 was killed. While the brought down MiG-21’s pilot had launched out effectively, he arrived in Pakistan-directed Kashmir, and was caught by the Pakistan military. Before his catch he was ambushed by a couple of local people. Following two or three days of imprisonment, the caught pilot was discharged by Pakistan per Third Geneva show commitments. While Pakistan precluded contribution from securing any of its F-16 airplane in the strike, the IAF displayed leftovers of AMRAAM rockets that are conveyed by F-16 contenders as confirmation of their association. US based Foreign Policy magazine, citing anonymous US authorities, announced in April 2019 that a review didn’t locate any Pakistani F-16s missing, yet an announcement from Pentagon on 5th April said that it was unconscious of such a review.

The answer given to Pakistan will always be remembered by them. The incident made historic image on today’s youth and a great story for coming generations.