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Arjun tank is manufacture in avadi, Chennai (Tamilnadu).This is main battle tank type. This tank is designed by combat vehicles research and development establishment in 1974 .Total 366 number tanks are manufactured out of that 248 are mk1 type and 118 mk2 type.

Vijayanta is first Indigenous tank and here is list of Indian tank from 1936.


Sr. No.Name of tankYearSr. No.Name of tankYear
1.Vickers MK-VI193611.BMP-11966
2.M3 Stuart194112.BMD-11969
3.M4 Stuart194213.T-721972
4.M5 Stuart194214.BMP-21982
6.T 54194916.T-901995
7.AMX 13195217.MBT-EX (KARNA)2002
8.PT 76195218.ARJUN (LION)2004
9.T 55195819.T-90M(BHISHMA)2009
10.Vickers (MBT)1965


The Arjun features a 120 mm main rifled gun, one PKT 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, and a NSVT 12.7 mm machine gun. It is powered by a single MTU multi-fuel diesel engine rated at 1,400 hp, and can achieve a maximum speed of 67 km/h (42 mph) and a cross-country speed of 40 km/h (25 mph). It has a four-man crew: commander, gunner, loader and driver. Automatic fire detection and suppression and NBC protection systems are included. All-round anti-tank warhead protection by the newly developed Kanchan armour is claimed to be much higher than available in comparable third generation tanks.

The Arjun Mark II is an advanced third generation tank, its development was completed in 2 years owing to experience gained from developing the first version. It has outclassed the T-90 during comparative trials. Regarding the trials, a Ministry of Defense press release reported: “After many years of trial and tribulation it has now proved its worth by its superb performance under various circumstances, such as driving cross-country over rugged sand dunes, detecting, observing and quickly engaging targets, accurately hitting targets – both stationary and moving, with pin pointed accuracy. Its superior fire-power is based on accurate and quick target acquisition capability during day and night in all types of weather and shortest possible reaction time during combat engagements”. The Fire control system of the new tank has a hit probability over 90%, when firing on the move. The new tank also has improved communication systems and new navigation system

Now India have T 72 quantity is 2414 Soviet Union and Poland make T 90 (MBT) quantity is 2011 Russian make and Indian make Arjun (MBT) is 370+.

Arjun tank
T-72 tank
T-90 tank
Arjun MBT