Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

On the beautiful day of 14th February,2019 when the whole world was celebrating the day of love i.e; Valentine’s Day, some evils were planning to be the spoiling brats for India and they spoiled the celebration with the Drastic Terror Attack in the Valleys of Kashmir – The Pulwama Attack….

It is one of the deadliest terror attack ever seen in the past three decades by the terrorist activity in Kashmir. The attack was done by a 20-year young boy, who was supposed to appear in his 12th standard examination, but it left in shock to his parents too when they found him missing prior three days when the incident took place. And the parents came to know about their son from the news, when the name of youngster was disclosed and was in constant highlight, and the name of the young-boy was Adil Ahmed Dar. The attack done by Adil killed at least 40 CRPF Jawans.

As the story narrated based on the findings of news reporters, that Adil carried 350 Kilograms of explosive in SUV car that collided into the bus, killing our 40 CRPF jawans, several were found injured and were fighting for their lives. This attack by Jaish-E-Mohammed –the suicide bomber was surprising and left nation in big amazed and anger, as soon as the incident information passed to our Beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi, immediate meeting was called and decisions were made quickly keeping in mind the safety of nation and other jawans,also for the peoples of kashmir. The Security Force was ordered and set-free to give hard slapped answer to this terror attack. Not only the ministry but also the nation and families of martyred soldiers were demanding strong action forced answer against these attack. These wrongful act has resulted in uniting of all political parties globally, and the leaders from all the corners of the world had expressed their complete disapproval for this wrongful act, even the United States warned Pakistan for not harbour terrorism and even they took back their helping hand. Even today the valleys of kashmir are on high alert.

Compare to the past 5 years, Jammu & Kashmir has noticed around 93 percent of rise in death statistics of security personnel. A solid piece of these attack took in Pulwama region of Jammu & Kashmir. The information disclosed by the government stated that, the valleys of kashmir are noticing regular terror attacks in the past 5 years.

On 14th February, 2019 around 3:30 pm in the bright sunny day with chilling winter, a Mahindra Scorpio SUV, having 350 kilograms of explosives rammed into one of the buses belonging to the route on the NH-44 at Lethipora near Avantipora town. The astonishing attack suddenly blew up the bus, killing on an average 40 personnel of the 76th Battalion while the rest were continuing to fight for their lives, all the injured jawans were immediately taken to nearby army base hospital in Srinagar. PM Modi as resulted had set-free the Indian Army to give such answer so next time the, Pakistani can’t even dare to think about planning or doing such activities.

The strategy soon after it was discussed by the authorities was put in immediate effect, and the Indian Army Soldiers, Air forces combined and planned the strategy for attack and in the middle of the dark night, the Indian Armed Forces  started non-stop firing, which didn’t gave Pakistani army time to think and understand what is happening to them. This was the best surgical strike ever made by any nations till date and these surgical strike is marked in the history of India and Indian Army. Even after the Indian Army reverted with the best possible answer, the damage can be repaired but the scars given to the families of martyred CRPF jawans can never be removed and the loss done to them can never be experienced by anyone. The government introduced fund donation through PayTm and other way but no one showed immense interest to donate a good amount for the soldiers who became martyred. We request the one who read this please take initiative and try to donate something good for our Real Superheroes, its them because of whom we are enjoying sound sleeps at our sweet home. Don’t forget their sacrifices…