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Shri Apar Singh Cheema was Assistant Station Master at Gurdaspur Railway Station during Indo-Pak conflict of December, 1971. He was made responsible to coordinate low level reporting system in the area. Under his able guidance, 110 observation reports were sent between 3rd and 17th December, 1971. 90% of these reports were passed to the Control Centre within thirty seconds, twenty one of these were made at night and twelve out of these twenty one materialized into actual air raid over Pathankot. It was because of his alertness and dedication that Pathankot got timely warning of air raids.

On 12th December, 1971, Gurdaspur Railway Station was heavily bombed by five Sabre aircraft. Despite the bombing, Shri Apar Singh Cheema remained at his post and kept relaying the information to the Control Center.

On the 13th December, 1971, at about 1410 hours, he informed the Control Center that four enemy aircraft had been seen passing by. Immediately two aircraft were sent for interception and thus the enemy aircraft were prevented from continuing their attack on Gurdaspur.

Throughout, Shri Apar Singh Cheema displayed courage and devotion to duty of a high order.