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Cheruvari Kottieth (C. K.) Lakshmanan (5 April 1898 – 3 October 1970) represented British India in the 1924 Summer Olympics held in Paris, France.He participated in hurdles but did not win any medals. He was born in Kannur and died in Calcutta.

He has the distinction of being the very first Malayali to participate in an Olympic event. C.K. Lakshmanan won the gold medal in the 120-yard hurdles at the first National Athletic Meet in Delhi in 1924. He was born in Thalassery/Kannur (now in Kerala, India) in the Cheruvari- Kottieth family.

C.K. Lakshmanan was in the eight-member Indian squad that represented the country at the Paris Olympics in 1924. He was also the first Malayali to represent India in an Olympic game, he says. The late athlete served the army as a major-general and also as director-general of Health Services during the British Raj. He was also a well-known cricketer.