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Captain Man Bahadur Rai :- The One Who Receives Ashoka Chakra for his Gallantry during counter-insurgency operations .

Captain Man Bahadur Rai received the highest peace time gallantry award, Ashok Chakra, in year 1962. He joined Indian Army in the Gorkha rifles anserved nation with all dedication. He retired as lieutenant colonel Man Bahadur Rai served. He died in 2011 at the age of 95 as the oldest surviving recipient of the prestigious award

Captain Man Bahadur Rai

Captain Man Bahadur Rai was born on 10 Jan 1914. He served British Indian Army for 12 Years, from 1936 to 1948. He joined Indian Army on 23rd August 1948 in Gorkha Rifles in Jammu & Kashmir. During Second World War, he had received 1939-45 Star Medal, Burma Star Medal and the War Medal. He served Jammu & Kashmir from 1949 to 1950 and then posted in Nagaland from 1957 to 1962.

Captain Man Bahadur Rai ‘s Gallantry Award:-

 Captain Man Bahadur Rai (IC-5261), took part in an event against a body of hostile Nagas who had ensconced themselves in a densely wooded, hilly region. During the end of April 1961,on late night he led a platoon towards  two hostile positions. He fiercely attacked on them and was successful in chasing them away from the position.

On 3rd May 1961, he had been sent with a platoon against another supposedly strongest fortified hostile position. The position was situated on the steep slopes of narrow valley and the only way to reach there is from the front. Captain Rai even after knowing intense causalities took platoon through the dense thick forest and crawled over the slope. However heading towards the target they came in the militant’s firing range but they didn’t stop. On identifying the hostile position, he threw two hand grenades killing a few hostiles. He again killed to hostiles. Seeing his bravery, his platoon was boosted and demoralized the hostiles. After he whole fight 10 more militants died, some fled into the jungle and some ran away. The hostile left behind two rifles, one 12 bore gun and one tommy gun.

This action was one of several in which Captain Rai participated. He was awarded Ashoka Chakra for his bravery and chivalry noticeable bravery, unselfishness and courage in very difficult and dangerous situations.