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Captain Ummed Singh Mahra:- A Story of India’s Bravest Hero who awarded with Ashoka Chakra .

Capt Ummed Singh Mahra was one of the courageous heroes of Indian Army. For the intense display of courage, bravery and balanced Leadership, Captain Mahra was awarded with the most prestigious award Ashok Chakra. Let’s know more about his courage and incredible story:-

Captain Ummed Singh Mahra:-  

Ummed Singh Mahra was born on 21st January 1942. He basically hailed from Uttar Pradesh. He was born in a village of Champawat Tehsil in Almora district. On 11 June 1967,he was commissioned in 19 Rajputana Rifles of the Indian Army from the Indian Military Academy. Throughout his short military career he served with the same unit and involved in various actions. He was involved in action with his unit in Nagaland in Op Orchid from 4th July to 6th July 1971.

An out of the ordinary tale of Captain Ummed Singh Mahra:-  

In July 1971, Captain Ummed Singh Mahra was posted in Nagaland with 19 Rajputana Rifle. On 5 Jul 1971 , He led a raiding party with 60 men against the headquarters of an rebellious group in Nagaland. After walking for 12 hours and crossing difficult mountainous terrain and overflowing nallahs they reached near about 500mts away from the insurgents’ camp. To surprise the militants, Captain Ummed Singh Mahrawas divided the group into several parties and attacked the camp from two directions. When the platoon was 30 mts away from the camp, the militants started intense firing. Retaliating immediately Captain Ummed Singh Mahra charged at the camp firing from his weapon. In the ensuing fight, he shot dead the militants but sustained serious injuries. Despite being seriously wounded and profusely bleeding, he continued to battle and encourages his men to charge at the camp. Inspired by the brave action of their leader the platoon led a gallant charge. Trapped by surprise and courageous action the militants fled leaving behind their dead, arms and ammunition. Captain Mahra endured the long journey back before succumbing to his injuries. For his incredible leadership and bravery, Captain Mahra was awarded posthumously the Ashok Chakra.