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Squadron Leader Davinder Singh Sant (8157) was commissioned in the Flying Branch (Pilot) of the Indian Air Force in December, 1963. During his stay of about 13 years in various operational Squadrons he has flown a total of about 2000 hours and acquired the highest Instrument Rating on Supersonic Aircraft. On the 17th June, 1976 while imparting Dual combat instruction from the rear seat of a supersonic operational trainer aircraft, he was involved in an accident in which his aircraft sustained extensive damage leading to extreme control difficulty. This was further aggravated by the shattering of the both the front and rear canopies resulting in visual difficulties. The incapacitation of the pilot in front cockpit and complete loss of radio communication made the situation more grave. The dislodging of the drogue parachute from the front seat into the rear seat, partial control of flaps, failure of total main braking system and absence of the periscope made the safe recovery of the aircraft extremely difficult. Notwithstanding the sudden shock, he acted in a cool and a professional manner and recovered the severely damaged aircraft with an incapacitated pilot safely and thus saved a valuable life.

In this action, Squadron Leader Davinder Singh Sant displayed exemplary courage, professional skill and devotion to duty of a high order.