Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

On the 11th February, 1972, a Signal Unit located at a forward base in the Northern Sector suffered heavy snow-storm and blizzard for over 40 hours with a constant high wind speed of 120 knots. During the blizzard, four Jawans who were in their Command Post Bunker were cut off, and their bunker was completely covered with 8 to 10 feet snow. Despite all efforts, it was not possible to locate the bunker as the entire area was under snow to a depth greater than a man’s height. Havildar Des Ram volunteered to make a further attempt to locate the Guard Post and rescue the Jawans. He gathered a team of other volunteers and arranged implements for digging snow. In the face continuing blizzard, he searched and probed for the bunker which he eventually located, after heroic efforts made till the next day, the 12th February, 1972, he succeeded in digging out the four Jawans who had been entombed in the bunker and saved their lives.

Havildar Des Ram thus displayed exemplary courage, determination and leadership of a high order.