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Captain Eric James Tucker :- Let’s show gratitude to the bravest hero of the century.

Captain Eric James Tucker was the brave soldier in Maratha Light Infantry of Indian Army. He scarified his life for the nation at young age. For his exemplary bravery he was awarded with the highest peacetime military decoration Award “Ashoka Chakra”

Captain Eric James Tucker

Capt Ere Tucker was one of the most courageous and determined officer in Indian Army history. He was posted as the company commander in the difficult and dangerous pursuit and destruction of guerrilla gangs in the north-east of India. He was commanding the ‘B’ Company. He took actions with clear and organized thoughts. This brave officer was so relentless that even after getting several warnings by the hostiles that they would get him, he didn’t stop fighting.

Captain Eric James Tucker’s Courageous Story :-

Captain Eric James Tucker (IC-5034) was commanding ‘B’ Company of the 2nd battalion of Maratha Light Infantry operating in the Naga Hills. He was given the task of opening the lines of communication from Chakabama to Meluri. He successfully achieved his objective and reached to Meluri on 15th Otober 1956 after winning the encounter from a large number of hostiles. Subsequently Captain Eric James Tucker carried out a lot of dangerous and arduous tasks. On 18th July 1957, he outmaneuvered a large hostile body of militants, inflicted intense casualties and captured number of prisoners. Similar to these tasks again on 2nd August 1957, while proceeding from Khuzami to Kivikhu with a platoon, he was trapped in the thick undergrowth of the jungle near Milestone 70 by militants who had collected advance information about his movement. Captain Eric James Tucker got hit by the militanton the face and legs but he stood his ground, fought and engaged the militants till the last round. Finally he charged at the militants just before being hit by an automatic burst of fire that killed him on the spot.

Captain James Tucker throughout his duty shown great devotion to his duty and undertook task hazardous tasks far beyond from his normal duty. He had been great inspiration to his commands. He was awarded posthumously the Ashok Chakra for displaying exemplary valour, great devotion to duty and exceptional leadership.