Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

On 15th April, 1972, a major fire broke out in the dispersal area of a forward Air Force Base. On hearing the siren, Corporal Deol, who was staying far away from the base, was the first to arrive at the scene on his motor cycle. He found that the fire was fast approaching blast pens endangering the safety of aircraft and he decided to move the aircraft out. He located a tractor. As the ignition key was not available, he had the tractor started through his ingenuity. Corporal Deol got the tractor coupled with the aircraft nearest to the fire, the blast pen had already been surrounded by flames. Unmindful of his personal safety, he towed the aircraft out and thus saved it from destruction. He towed four more aircrafts out of other blast pens in the same manner. During these operations, he sustained injuries, but did not seek treatment until all the aircraft had been removed safety.

In this action, Corporal Gurdip Singh Deol displayed courage and determination of a high order.