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Havaldar Jogindar Singh :- A Hero Whose story  will be Forever Immortalized in the Book of History.

Havaldar Jogindar Singh was posthumously awarded with “Ashoka Chakra Award’ for his devotion, dedication and patriotism towards the nation. Let’s read more about him:-

Havaldar Jogindar Singh :-

  • Havaldar Jogindar Singh was born on 30th November,1922 in Datevas village of Bhatinda District, Punjab.
  • His father Sri Sardar Shyam Singh was a poor farmer.
  • Havaldar Jogindar Singh joined army at a tender age of 18 on 30th November 1940.
  • After completing his training he got posted in 2 Sikh Regiment.
  • During his Army Education he received first grade in Indian Army and Map Reading
  • He had enrolled himself in Engineering Platoon Commander Course and received B.Y. Grading.

Havaldar Jogindar Singh’s Story:-

In April, 1956 Havaldar Jogindar Singh with Sikh Regiment’s 2nd Battalion was posted in Khujami area of Naga Hills. On 24th April,1966, Havaldar Jogindar Singh was leading three jeep convoys  that were having some important things. The convoys were heading towards Phek, Nagaland. After crossing milestone 16, militants who had set the traps on the curved mountain road suddenly started firing with light machine guns. Havaldar Jogindar Singh got shot by one of the bullets in his right leg. Even after getting injured he came out of the jeep and ran towards the militants to attack. After seeing his bravery, 6 of his soldiers who were following him also left the jeep and came out to fight against enemies.  He was just 25 m away from the  enemy when a bullet hit in his stomach. In spite of many wounds, he didn’t stop. He crawled ahead and threw two hand grenades in the enemy’s den. Because of this, enemies had to stop firing.  His fellow soldiers destroyed machine guns and camp which was always a hurdle for Indian Army. Despite getting shot twice he not only tenaciously kept moving towards the enemies but encouraged his fellow soldiers as well. Havaldar Jogindar Singh Died as martyr.

Hawaldar Jogindar singh showed incredible valour , cleverness and determination towards the duty and nation. He was awarded with the Ashoka Chakra this act after his death as martyr.