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Havildar Bachittar Singh :- The first person to receive the highest peacetime military decoration “Ashoka Chakra  Award”

Havildar Bachittar Singh was posthumously awarded the highest peacetime military decoration Award “Ashoka Chakra  “, becoming the first Indian to receive this gallantry award.  Let’s know more about him:-

Havildar Bachittar Singh

  • Havildar Bachittar Singh was the only son of Sardar Rur Singh. He was born on 10th January 1917 in Lopo village of Punjab.
  • He had his education only upto the 8th class though he was deeply interested in swimming and wrestling.
  • On 10th January 1934, at the age of 17 he was enrolled as a trainee in Sikh Regiment of Indian Army.
  • He with his battalion served in various places like Africa and Greece.
  • After the completion of his basic training on 13 September 1948 when battalions of the Sikh Regiment were involved in the Hyderabad police action, he was posted at Nadler fort area.
  • Havildar Bachitter Singh was leading a platoon at Nadler fort area.

Havildar Bachittar Singh’s Brave Story:-

During the Hyderabad operation on  13 September 1948, 2 Sikhs were posted at Nadler fort area. One of them was Havildar Bachittar Singh. He was commanding the leading troop in the operation when a strong rival post opened heavy fire on the leading platoon. When he saw two vehicles coming to them, he ordered one of the riflemen to fire on approaching vehicle and In spite of heavy firing he with one other man ran forward to capture those vehicles and their escort.

Later on the same day, rivals using Bren guns from a well-entrenched position opened fire on the leading platoon of Sikhs. Havildar Bachittar Singh charged the position with great skill and determination. The first attack by the platoon on his guidance got blunted whereas the second was blocked.  About 20 yards from the objective, he suddenly got hit by a machine gun in his thigh and fell. After getting hit he didn’t stop, he started crawling and silenced the posy by throwing two grenades.
Even though wounded he refused to accept any medical help and kept on encouraging his platoon to go forward and capture the objective, which the platoon did.

Bachittar singh set a personal example of unsurpassed bravery, valour , grim devotion and determination towards the duty and nation. His inspirational story made everyone proud and he became the first person to received the coveted Award “Ashoka Chakra”since its inception in 1950.