Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

You know the reason behind the sound sleep we are enjoying today is because of whom ?? It’s because our Indian Army is constantly working for safeguarding our nation and protecting us from n-numbers of enemies who are having eye on our nation and plotting for destroying the peace of our nation.

The Army personals are taught since day one of their training that for them the nation will always come first and they have to serve for the country whole-heartily. And even if it is not taught to them, it is believed and proved fact that person/individual who is whole-heartily devoted for nation and willing to serve the country for their entire lives are joining the Indian Army. The one with brave heart, courage and determination.

For the safety of the nation and its people, the soldiers are sacrificing their sleep, comfort and many other things just to make sure that the people residing in the country enjoy sound sleep and roam around without any kind of fear.

Soldiers treat all the citizens as their family and are always ready to help them in any circumstance anytime, any place. They never give a second thought when it takes to risk their lives for protecting any state or people residing anywhere. The Indian Army is continuously planning strategy for maintaining the safety panels and alerts at highlighted or targeted areas by enemy.

Even the tag-line is created that A Soldier is Never OFF Duty… Whenever wherever required the soldiers perform their duty and act smartly so that the surrounding is not disturbed or violated by their actions.

For every single army individual serving the nation is like worshiping the god. They are so dedicated and committed towards their duty and are doing the same without expecting anything in return.

To safeguard our nation is of the biggest responsibility our Indian Army is carrying on their shoulder because they are very well aware that just in the blink of their eyes anything dangerous can happen as so many have eye and evil motive against our nation. Our country is progressing and so do the Army team.

Serving the nation regardlessly and boosting for constant improvement and betterment of the nation, is also the aim of the Indian Army. Even they value the nation more than their family and also while any individual or person decide to join they keep this in mind and heart that – Nation Come First.

While joining the armed force a clear mindset is set by all the soldiers that for they are no longer a toddlers or normal individual, now they have to be responsible and accountable for any action taken or done by them and in any situation they have to Keep Nation First and must go to any extent as far as safety of nation is concern. Whether its scorching heat, heavy rain or shivering cold they have be alert and always ready to face any uncertainty on the border or any region of the nation such rescue victims of natural calamities, hi-jack or any terror attack in any holy or public place by the enemy’s sleeper-cells. Anywhere anytime they are required and expected to serve the nation.

Indian Army is always serving our nation without expecting anything in return, sacrificing a lot many joy and comforts of their lives. Many have become martyred and it’s the harsh reality many soldiers family don’t even have any source of income to lead their lives after them.

We value the sacrifice of our Indian Army and we heartily appreciate what they are doing for the nation.