Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

Brave soldiers


Have you ever experienced temperature going down -40 degree C. NO, Isn’t it?

Infact it sounds scary, right?

But do you know that the soldiers in Kargil War have survived in that temperature and achieved success named “Operation Vijay”.

When the Kargil War took place i.e; the time was between May and July, like Himalayas the climate was temprate and so the summer were cools with icy-cold nights and winters were long and freezing with temperature often dropping to -40 degrees C.

The Soldiers were supported by the local shepherds of targeted area, who helped them to know their location at target and availability or number of soldiers present at the camp, likewise the strategies were made and the soldiers were able to conqueror the point or Targeted area.

The soldiers use to travel day and night miles and miles keeping in mind the security for reaching the point and that to without any transportation support, as the Pakistan Army were at top of peaks and at advantage, it was easy for them to observe any kind of movement on routes of NH 1. So, the Indian Army decided to travel the route by cross the dense area which were out of sight or not easily visible to the sights of Pakistani Army.

The soldiers were carrying food packets, which they brought from there home and also they were supplied foods and other required stuffs from the localities, which help them to survive during their unforgettable journey of death and life for saving our nation from cruel destruction.

They also carried and look after their colleagues who got injured or been martyred during the war. Many got injured, lost their body parts, even some got paralysed due to bullets poison and around 527 became martyred. They never thought about their family and their lives, they just continued to move forward and conqueror all the points which were acquired by enemies.

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They were seeking help from air force for medical assistance but due to poor climate conditions they were unable get the help on time. Still they keep moving and survived for nation’s pride and honour. Their hard-work and determination resulted in peaceful sleep for today’s India.

We cannot forget What Indian Army did in Kargil War and constantly do at border to protect the Life of Citizens. It’s because of Indian army who always fight in between life and death in the war that we people can breathe well and can sleep without stress.

So, let’s give a Big Solute to All Indian Army for all their Hard Work. 


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