Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

On 25th October, 78, a labourer Shri Mithoo Lal was buried alive approximately at a depth of 30 feet in a well of the Sewage Disposal System, under construction in the New Project Area of Air Force Station, Agra. No one was willing to undertake rescue operation for fear of being trapped as well. At about 1430 hours when Squadron Leader Jagat Narain Shukla learnt about the disaster, he rushed to the scene of the accident and informed Police and Fire Brigade. These agencies arrived promptly, but as the cave in was about 20 and the exact position where the labourer was buried, was not known, none was prepared to enter the well.

Realising the situation, Squadron Leader Shukla himself jumped into the pit and commenced rescue operations. On seeing his example some other labourers joined the rescue and Shri Mithoo Lal was rescued after four hours effort.

The selfless act of courageous at the peril of his own life and hard struggle in hostile environment was at display at its finest and resulted saving of a human life, the life of a poor civil laborer, Shri Mithoo Lal.

In this action, Squadron Leader Jagat Narain Shukla displayed initiative, courage and determination of a very high order.