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On the night of 21st/22nd October, 1972, at 0130 hours, 221682 Sergeant Jagmal Singh, Photographer Mechanic, while carrying out security check of the camp, of a forward detachment of an operational Wing in the J&K, observed that the tents were collapsing under the weight of snow accumulating during heavy continuous snowfall. The occupants were asleep and quite were unaware of the dangerous situation. He realized that the slightest delay in rescue work would result in heavy casualties. Sergeant Jagmal Singh immediately apprised the Commanding Officer of the grave situation and went round the tents, scattered over a large area, waking-up the occupants and arranging their evacuation to a safe place. He arranged alternative security arrangements at places where guard posts had to be abandoned. While checking the evacuated personnel, he found that a lascar, Shri Mishra (Pass No. 47 S/65) was missing. He made another search and rescued Shri Mishra from an ice-laden tent.

Throughout, Sergeant Jagmal Singh displayed exemplary initiative and determination of a high order.