Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

On the 15th September, 1970, a fire broke out in the stores section of a Helicopter Unit. Sergeant Kailash Chander Sharma, the unit Warrant Officer, immediately raised alarm and rushed to the scene of fire carrying two fire extinguishers. He found that the fire was spreading and that it could endanger the aircraft store rooms and the hangar in which the aircraft were parked.

He fought the fire single handed, until reinforcement arrived. The flames were fierce and he suffered severe burns on his body. Though not a trained fire fighter, he continued fighting the fire with complete disregard to his personal safety, until overcome by heat, smoke and fumes, he collapsed. He was rescued by 229133 Corporal Tilak Raj Sharma. Sergeant Kailash Chander Sharma efforts succeeded in localizing the fire to only two rooms and enabled the two aircraft in the hangar and other valuable stores to be shifted to a place of safety.