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Squadron Leader Kailash Singh Parihar (9071) Flying (Pilot) was commissioned in the Indian Air Force on 25th December, 1964 and since then he has flown 2197 accident free hours on various Aircraft. In August, 1976, there were unprecedented floods in Loni River in Jodhpur District and a number of villages were isolated. The fury of the river did not permit plying of rescue boats. The Air Force was, therefore, called in aid of civil power to effect rescue of marooned villagers. Sqn Ldr Parihar volunteered to rescue the marooned villagers. On arrival at the village it was discovered that many houses in and around Lamba Village had been washed away and that sixty villagers had taken shelter on top of the village temple. The front portion of the temple had been washed away and it was feared that the rest of the building might collapse at any time endangering the lives of all the persons.

As it was not possible to land the helicopter on the temple top, Squadron Leader Parihar decided to effect the evacuation by directing the hovering helicopter from the temple top and simultaneously assisting these people to board. Knowing fully well that a slight slip might be fatal, he jumped on to the edge of the temple top from the helicopter which was hovering at a considerable height. Taking his position, he marshaled the hovering helicopters to correct positions near the temple roof one after the other. The helicopter made about 18 shuttle flight and evacuated all the 60 people.

In this action, Squadron Leader Kailash Singh Parihar displayed exemplary courage, professional skill, determination and devotion to duty of a high order.