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Corporal Keshav Nath Upadhaya was on the posted strength of Air Headquarters Communication Squadron when he was detailed as ground crew on TU-124 aircraft carrying the Prime Minister and other dignitaries from Delhi to Jorhat on 4th November, 1977. The aircraft, in the process of making an approach for landing, crashed about six kilometers from Jorhat Airfield and all the aircrew members were killed.

Corporal Upadhaya sustained injuries during the accident; but he displayed outstanding initiative and exceptional presence of mind in the face of grave emergency in the dark night conditions. He reassured the passengers, and quickly opened the rear door of the aircraft and rendered valuable assistance to the passengers in leaving the crashed aircraft quickly. Along with others, he guided the Prime Minister and other passengers to safety. Notwithstanding his personal injuries, he went back to phy sically assist some of the seriously injured passengers to reach a safe location. After ensuring that all passengers were safe and in total disregard to personal safety and comfort he went back to crashed aircraft and searched for the aircrew members. Corporal Upadhaya helped in locating the bodies and assisted in extricating them from the wreckage. Thereafter, he accompanied Flight Lieutenant Raveendran on foot to Air Force Station, Johrat and guided the rescue party back to the scene of the accident.

In this action, Corporal Keshav Nath Upadhaya displayed exemplary courage, presence of mind and devotion to duty of an exceptional order with total disregard to his personal safety and comfort in spite of his own injuries, in the best traditions of the Indian Air Force