Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

Major Laishram Jyotin Singh was an army doctor in the Indian Army Medical Corps. Laishram Singh was born in 1972 in Manipur, India. He was commissioned in the Army Medical Corps in 2003, and was posted with the Indian Embassy in Kabul in 2010. Just thirteen days after his posting, on 26 February 2010, a suicide bomber attacked the guarded residential compound where he was staying. Major Singh confronted the terrorist unarmed and forced him to detonate his vest, which resulted in his death. He was awarded the Ashok Chakra For his act of exemplary courage, grit, selflessness and valour in the face of a terrorist attack, resulting in his sacrifice and saving 10 of his colleagues. Major Singh was awarded the Ashoka Chakra the highest peacetime gallantry award in the Indian Armed Forces on 26 January 2011.