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Lance Naik Sunder Singh:- A bravest warrior  to get awarded by the Gallantry Award  “Ashoka chakra”

Lance Naik Sunder Singh was a great soldier of 4th Battalion, Jammu & Kashmir Rifles Punjab.
Because of his excellent tactics and bravery he received “Ashoka Chakra Award” in 1956. Let’s know more about his story:-

Lance Naik Sunder Singh

  • Lance Naik Sunder Singh was born on 14th February 1929 in Chauk Hadan Village of Poonch District, Jammu & Kashmir.
  • His father Kalyan Singh was a Kashmiri Sikh.
  • He belonged to peasant family.
  • He was enrolled in the Jammu & Kashmir Infantry in February 1947.
  • He was posted to 4 JAK RIF and retired from his duties as Subedar Major and Honorary Captain.

Lance Naik Sunder Singh’s gallant Story :-

Lance Naik Sunder Singh after completion of his training,posted as a soldier in Jammu & Kashmir State Force(After 1957 it became J&K Rifles). In 1952, he was made Acting Lance Naik by his Commanding Officer for his dare devil action in rescuing his family members from Pakistan.

On 18th March, 1956 he was posted with J&K Rifle at Hussainiwala near Ferozepore. On the night of 18/19 March J&K RIF’s unit was attacked by Pakistani Army. The unit responded with counter attack and chased away them from the right side of the dam. On the other hand, rivals took front at the dam with light machine guns and started firing towards the left end of dam. As enemies had formed a post at Bela thus it became difficult for India to keep possession of dam and keep Indian Soldiers safe.

In this situation No. 15103 Acting Lance Naik Sunder Singh’s name was suggested to kill enemies. On being called his name Lance Naik Sunder agreed immediately. Armed with 6 hand grenades and amidst hostile firing, he crawled 100 meters than he entered 50 meters in the rocky area. When he was near to enemies, he threw his first grenade due to which firing got stopped and 3 enemies were killed.  He did this thrice and due to his bravery Jammu & Kashmir Rifles was able to posses the right end of dam.

Lance Naik Sunder Singh showed great presence of mind, courage and total disregard of his safety of the highest order. Without him it had been not possible to achieve the target. For this bravery act he had received “Ashoka Chakra Award” in 1956