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Lieutenant P M Raman:- Let’s Salute a hero who Exhibited  rare Courage and Exemplary Leadership for his Country.

Lieutenant P M Raman was awarded with peacetime military decoration Award “Ashoka Chakra” for his rare courage and exemplary leadership skills at the time of attack. Let’s discover more about the life and story of this incredible Hero :-

Lieutenant P M Raman

  • Lieutenant P M Raman was born in 1934 in Cannanore.
  • His father Maj Muthuswamy was an emergency Commissioned officer in the Army Medicle Corps.
  • He had 6 siblings, 5 sisters and 1 brother. He was second child among all.
  • He had his basic education in Burma and high education later in Pune .
  • According to his Head-Master “He was a well behaved boy and remembered by all his teachers for his behavior”
  • He after getting trained posted in 3 Sikh Light Infantry.

Lieutenant P M Raman’s fearless Story :-

In June, 1956 second Lieutenant P M Raman was posted in Nagaland atTuensang area with his battalion. On 3 June 1956 ‘A’ Company of Sikh Light Infantry battalion got an order to attack and clear a hostile militant stronghold in a village of Kohima district in Nagaland. Second Lieutenant P M Raman was leading one of the Platoons of ‘A’ Company. Early in the morning, when the Company reached Chephema village, it encountered heavy hostile firing. Grabbing an opportunity, Lieutenant P M Raman rushed towards the hut and killed two millitants in the first burst of his Sten gun. He kept on moving towards the hut and with another burst cleared another hostile. In the act he was injured himself. His determined and relentless pursuit though demoralized the hostiles, who took to their heels. In spite of bleeding profusely, he continued to press on and killed some more militant. After fighting for a longer period he found his Platoon under attack and the enemies were in a dominating position. However he led his men up the hill his actions made insurgents to flee away from the place. But Raman was mortally injured in the event and succumbed to his injuries.

In the whole event Second Lieutenant Raman’s courageous action stood out as a shining example of bravery, leadership and selfless devotion to his duty and nation. For his gallant action he was awarded the Ashoka Chakra posthumously.