Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

On the night of 15th/16th September 1965, two aircraft with fuzed bombs inside their bomb bay were involved in an accident on the runway of an airfield, as a result of which one of them caught fire. Some of the bombs exploded, others were scattered under the force of explosion and one of them was lodged in a very awkward position in the wing of an aircraft. The scattered bombs were lying on the edge of the runway and one of them had become highly dangerous owing to the heat of the burning wreckage. Normally, a bomb in this condition is demolished on the site, but to have done so in this case would have caused further extensive damage. Unmindful of the risk involved, Flight Sergeant Lingha Ragaviah volunteered to render the bombs safe. He accomplished this task successfully. Thereafter he also recovered the bomb which was lodged in the wing of one of the aircraft, defuzed it and made it harmless.

By his successful accomplishment of this hazardous task, willingly undertaken at grave personal risk, Flight Sergeant Lingha Ragaviah displayed cool courage and devotion to duty and set an example to his fellow airmen.