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Major Bhukant Mishra was born on 15th June, 1941 in the village named Nowbasta Talipara, of Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh. His father name was Shri B L Mishra, Major Bhukant was placed into 15th Battalions of the Kumaon Regiment on 4th April, 1970.

In 1984, when the terrorism was raising in Punjab, and the terrorists had abducted the beautiful Holy Golden Temple in Amritsar. A decision was taken by the Indian Government, to initiate a military operation to save the temple and this operation was named as Operation Blue Star.


6th June, 1984, a armed force directed by late Major Bhukant Mishra was assigned the task to clear a temple complex. The Complex was very heavily consolidated and was transformed into invulnerable outwork. Previous attempts to clear the building in the night-time, had faced very many casualties. At 4:40 hours one team led by Major Bhukant Mishra moved forward from the back of an Armoured Personnel Carrier, which was rather hit by anti-tank gun fire. At the same time the team faced very heavy fire and agonized eight casualties, including the JCO of the leading squad.

On realizing the loss of direction and control in the leading squad, Major Bhukant Mishra rushed forward, regardless of the heavy fire all around and soon acclaimed command and control. Two teams were set afloat at 5:30 hours on the next day. Both the teams moved at the given time but soon confronted very heavy fire. Major Bhukant Mishra’s battalion again faced very huge casualties and proceed of this team obstructed. At this stage, Major Bhukant Mishra came forward and stood in front of the team and instructed them to follow him and imposed at the base of the Complex. This act of bravery by Major Bhukant Mishra excite the team and they followed him and gained a controlled.


A light machine gun firing through a pot hole in the base was creating obstacle in the moving forward. Major Bhukant Mishra, without bothering about his safety, moved towards the base and the light machine gun and the crew by chucking a grenade through the pot hole. Straight away after destroying the light machine gun, Major Bhukant Mishra moved to the steps leading towards the Complex. As soon as, he entered the Complex, he got hitted by a burst of Medium Machine Gun and he became martyred.


Major Bhukant Mishra depicted courage, bravery and outstanding leadership skills throughout the entire operation. For his bravery and remarkable immolation Major Bhukant Mishra was later awarded nation’s highest gallantry award during peace time “Ashok Chakra”.