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Major Rajiv Kumar Joon born on 5th  December 1969 in the family of  Shri Dharma Singh & Shrimati Shanti Devi in Gadikhari village of Rohtak Tahsil and District of  Haryana state. An Indian military officer of Unit 22nd Battalion Grenadiers Regiment. On 16th September 1994, he headed a search operation against militants in the Pulwama region of Jammu and Kashmir. When his team confronted with the intense fire from the militants, he crept towards the militant retreat and loft handed grenades, killing one militant. Although he got serious injuries, he was reluctant to move out and killed another militant. Later, yielded to his injuries. For his bravery, he was later awarded the Ashoka Chakra, the highest peacetime military decoration in India. Further he was also awarded the Shaurya Chakra for his brave act in gallantry in Jammu and Kashmir.

In 1994, Major Rajiv’s unit, 22 Grenadiers was placed in Jammu & Kashmir for to undertake anti-insurgency operations. On 16th September 1994, Major Rajiv Kumar Joon’s unit was instructed to take command to encircle and take charge of search operation, which is to be undertaken in the village of Anantnag district. The order was released on the basis of some specific intelligence reports, that the village is endangered with the presence of some terrorists. During the operation Major Rajiv noticed two terrorists spanking in the house taking dominance of the gap present between the door and wall of the house. On being challenged by the Indian Army Soldiers, the terrorists started firing aimlessly and injured one of our soldiers badly.

The fencing was followed under the guidance of Major Rajiv and he instructed his battalion to continue firing to divert the vision of terrorist. Meanwhile the terrorists bound in a basement and fired at the search team. Seeing such situation, Major Rajiv Kumar then moved towards a loop hole at the outermost of the basement and smoothly moved with two hand grenades into it and fired at them. Resulting, in death of one terrorists and the rest managed to escape from Indian Army Attack and continued firing on them.

Major Rajiv managed to enter through the loop hole and confronted the other terrorists. The terrorists took benefit of the dark out and targeted Major Rajiv, resulting in severe injuries to him. Major Rajiv refused to back-out, and chased and started firing in the basement, killing the terrorists. Huge Number of arms and ammunition were recovered from the shelter of the terrorists.