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On 17th February 1967, Flight Lieutenant Minoo Vania was on a paratrooping sortie, when he was informed by the Captain of the aircraft that a hang up had occurred in the aircraft flying ahead. He saw the dangling paratrooper released about 4.5 miles from the dropping zone. Apprehending that the paratrooper was probably injured by being buffeted against the aircraft fuselage and would sustain further Injuries during landing and would not get any immediate medical aid because of the inaccessible terrain, Flight Lieutenant Vania requested his Captain to drop him in that area. On landing by parachute, he found the paratrooper bleeding profusely from the right wrist where the hand had been completely severed. He managed to stop bleeding and nursed him till medical assistance became available after about 40 minutes. But for his timely help, the paratrooper would probably not have been saved.

Flight Lieutenant Minoo Vania displayed courage and Initiative.