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Naik  Bhawani Datt Joshi was born on 15th July 1952 in the village named Cheprun Chamoli, located in Garhwal District in the state of Uttarakhand. His father’s name was, Late. Shri Khyali Datt Joshi, who was farmer by profession in the village. NK Bhawani Datt Joshi underwent his primary education in his village itself and further moved out and enrolled in the prestigious Garhwal Rifles on 14th July, 1970.  Soon after he completed his training with the Garhwal Rifles Regimental Centre, Lansdowne, Naik Bhawani got first posting to 5 Garhwal Rifles on 27th June 1971.

In early 1971, Naik Bhawani Datt Joshi’s fought his first battle with rival came, when his battalion was busy in the Eastern Sector war with Pakistan and Nk Joshi did his duties with full wholeheartedness. After that, he was posted to 9 Garhwal Rifles. It was the night of the 5th/6th      of June 1984. In Operation ‘Blue Star’, Nk Joshi’s fellowship was ordered to save one of the important complex of a building. The building complex had been deliberately protected and was captured by highly stimulated terrorists and the gate was locked and blocked by them in all manner. So, the main objective first was to open the gate. As the indian armed force managed to make a hole in the gate, a very massive volume of fire came on Nk Bhawani Datt Joshi’s squad, with the serious hindering the progress of the operation.  At this point of time, the General asked for volunteers to attack the terrorist positions. Nk Bhawani Datt Joshi participated to undertake the mission. Being completely unaware of the evident danger and without bothering for his personal safety, Nk Bhawani Datt Joshi in-person led his segment in this operation. He killed one of the terrorists with his carbine and stabbed another to death, clearing the way for his squad to seize its objective. Inspite, being seriously injured, he jumped upon another terrorist who was firing from back of a cover but in the process, he was mortally injured. Because of the cool courage showed by Nk Bhawani Datt Joshi, his squad successfully seized its objective.


Later, he was honoured by the Ashoka Chakra, for his bravery and courage, selflessness and fearlessness Naik Bhawani Datt Joshi for highest peacetime gallantry award.