Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

On 27th March, 1956, Naga hostiles overpowered a police outpost at Sathaka. The hostiles then attempted to take Sakahi, an Assam Rifles outpost by capturing which they would have secured a chain of bases comprising of Sakhai, Khivi, Vishyepu and Kivikhu. They succeeded in putting a ring around Sakhai outpost and cutting off its sources of water supply. Late in the afternoon, the garrison asked for an emergency airdrop of water and warned that the pilot should be careful of heavy automatic fire from Sakahi, Khivi, Vishyepu and Kivikhu. Flt. Lt. Prakashanarain Jainarain Mehra volunteered for this airdrop which had to be made in the small fenced area of the Inspection Bungalow 40 yards by 20 yards. Completely disregarding the heavy automatic fire directed against the aircraft, Flt. Lt. Mehra flew dangerously low and delivered the water. The aircraft was hit in the petrol tank and in the starboard mainplane by the hostile fire, but Flt. Lt. Mehra brought it safely back.

In carrying out this sortie successfully, Flt. Lt. Mehra displayed courage and skill. He risked his own life for reaching essential supplies to the garrison. The gallant action on the part of Flt. Lt. Mehra is in keeping with the highest traditions of the Air Force.