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Flight Lieutenant Puthalath Kandy Raveendran was on attachment as under training Flight Engineer when he was detailed on a TU-124 aircraft to fly Prime Minister and other dignitaries from Delhi to Johrat, on the 4th November, 1977. While the aircraft was in the process of making an approach for landing, disaster struck and aircraft crashed about six kilometers from Jorhat airfield.

Flight Lieutenant Raveendran, who was sitting in a rear passenger cabin, immediately took stock of the situation and organized systematic evacuation of the dignitaries and other passengers from the aircraft. He helped them to leave the aircraft quickly and safely and guided them to a safe distance from the aircraft as the fire was seen around the starboard engine. Even though badly injured, he quickly walked to Air Force Station Jorhat in order to get the urgently needed medical and rescue facilities. This enabled the Station authorities to reach the scene of the accident, along with the medical aid, in the shortest possible time.

In this action, Flight Lieutenant Puthalata Kandy Raveendran displayed courage, initiative and devotion to duty of a very high order.