Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

On 3rd March 1966, Aijal, the headquarters of Mizo District, was surrounded by hostiles and it became essential to rush reinforcements there. Despite the fact that the hostiles had taken up positions very close to Aijal helipad and all bridges had been destroyed, Flight Lieutenant Rajendra Narayan Pandeya led a force of helicopters to land troops knowing fully well that It would be an easy target for the hostiles guns. On reaching Aijal, one of the helicopters was hit by hostile fire whereupon they were recalled to base. On the next day, he again took off and landed troops at Aijal which turned the tide of operations against the hostiles. Since then, he had been engaged in active flying in the sector airlifting troops and equipment and evacuating casualties and civilians.

Throughout, Flight Lieutenant Rajendra Narayan Pandeya displayed courage and determination.