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Squadron Leader Rajinder Pal Singh Dhillon (7741) was commissioned in the Flying (Pilot) Branch of the Indian Air Force in November, 1962. He has been serving as the Flight Commander of a Helicopter Unit since March, 1974.

On the 24th January, 1975, he was detailed to carry out the earth quake relief operations in Himachal Pradesh. The weather on this day was extremely inclement and the hostile terrain made flying efforts an extremely hazardous. With a deep sense of devotion, relentless zeal and determination, he executed his task with true professionalism. Throughout that day he braved and battled against weather and terrain and delivered his vital loads of relief material and evacuated those in need of urgent medical attention. During subsequent missions, he executed daring landings at untried helipads and precision drops at miniature Dropping Zones. During these operations he flew a total of 32 stories and airlifted and large quantities of material which resulted in timely relief to the affected people.

Throughout, Squadron Leader Rajinder Pal Singh Dhillon displayed courage, professional skill and devotion to duty of a high order.