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Corporal Ram Prasad, Aircraft Hand General Duties is in the Air Force since 18th May, 1975. On the night of 28th February, 1977, at about 2330 hrs, a fire broke out in the quarter of L/Nk LR Soni. L/Nk LR Soni was then away and his wife and three children were sleeping in the house. By the time Mrs. Soni discovered the fire, it had already assumed serious proportions and she ran out of the house to shout for help. Corporal Ram Prasad was the first to respond and by the time he reached the scene, the whole house was engulfed in flames and smoke. Smti. Soni was in a state of shock and was crying that her three small children were in the flaming house. Corporal Ram Prasad in utter disregard for his personal safety went thrice into the burning house and one by one brought out three children who were trapped inside.

In this action, Corporal Ram Prasad displayed exemplary courage, presence of mind, determination and a high sense of public duty.