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Flight Lieutenant Ramesh Chandra Ghildiyal was commissioned in the Indian Air Force in 1964 and served as the Squadron Pilot. As a Flight Commander in an operational helicopter unit where he flew over 1650 hours while carrying out casualty evacuations, relief operations, and logistics support missions and flight of dignitary over hazardous terrain with great efficiency. He volunteered for the Flight Inspectors course in 1971-72 and on the basis of his performance and aptitude, he was selected for the Experimental Test Pilot Course in France in 1974 which he completed with a high merit. He was posted to Air craft and Systems Testing Establishment in 1975. He took great interest in development and testing of fixed wing aircraft and regularly assisted in their flight testing. On 28th September, 1976 while assisting Sqn. Ldr Deepak Yadav in the conduct of a flight trial, the aircraft suffered structural failure leading to complete loss of control. Flight Lieutenant Ramesh Chandra Ghildiyal was killed in the ensuing crash thereby sacrificing his life in the cause of test flying.

Flight Lieutenant Ramesh Chandra Ghildiyal has thus displayed courage, determination and devotion to duty.