Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

Corporal Rishi Kesh Tiwari was enrolled in the Air Force in 1963. On the 10th December, 1976 at about 1900 hours, while going from his billet to his mess, he heard the sound of a gun-shot. He proceeded to the place from where the shot had been fired. He saw a Defense Security Corps sepoy with a rifle and heard him ordering four persons to stand in a line and subsequently firing one round which injured one of the four persons. He shouted at the sepoy and unmindful of his own safety, ran towards him to prevent him from firing him any more. Before he could reach him, the sepoy fired another round injuring one more person. Corporal Tiwari caught the sepoy from behind and pulled him down. He was immediately joined by the other two persons and the rifle was snatched away from him.

In this action, Corporal Rishi Kesh Tiwari displayed exemplary courage, initiative, presence of mind and sense of public duty of a high order.