Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

On 3rd February 1967, two Flight Cadets were authorized to carry out circuits and landings in a Dakota aircraft at a Transport Training Wing. Sergeant Seni Desingh Devarajan, NCO in charge of the crash crew on duty, saw the aircraft swinging off the runway on its take off run. Anticipating a crash, he alerted his crew and reached the spot immediately. Both the engines of the aircraft had fallen off from the mountings and one of them which was on fire was very near the aircraft. Disregarding his personal safety, Sergeant Devarajan entered the crashed aircraft. The nose section was completely broken and both the flight cadets were trapped in their seats. With great care, he, with the help of another airman extricated the two cadets from the aircraft within minutes. His prompt action was to a large extent responsible for saving the life of one of the cadets; the other cadet succumbed to his injuries.

In this action, Sergeant Seni Deslngh Devarajan displayed cool courage and initiative.