Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

On the 17th December, 1971, information was received at a forward Air Force Base that the enemy had bombed Bhatinda Railway Station as well as the nearby villages causing considerable damage to civil property and population. It was also reported that several bombs had not exploded. Naib Subedar Shingara Singh immediately rushed to the place with his men and after carrying out a thorough search of area, located seventeen unexploded bombs. Though fully aware that the bomb could have been fitted with delayed fuzes, he went with the diffusion of the bombs with complete disregard to his personal safety. In fact, one of the bombs did explode when he, along with his men, had just retired for lunch and later two bombs were found with the fuzing components having partly functioned. Undeterred, he successfully diffused all the bombs within 96 hours and thus infused confidence in the local population.

In this action, Naib Subedar Shingara Singh displayed courage and leadership of a high order.