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Subedar Major Kharka Bahadur Limbu, service no. 30385 M.C. was awarded Ashok Chakra for an act of Gallantry in Nagaland.

Subedar Major Kharaka Bahadur Limbu was a squad commander posted in Naga Hills. He was instructed to capture a area that was well dug-in, well blockade and situated in an out of reach of jungle ravine. So, Subedar Major Limbu manifested to attack early in the morning. While facing the enemy he didn’t bothered about his personal safety, and choose to suffuse the hostile fire to reach the stockade. He beat a portion of the stockade and with a handful of men stormed the nearest bunker. He attacked the defenders, shooting down two of them and capturing their weapons. During the course of the attack, he was severely injured, but pushed himself forward bravely and pitched two grenades into a bunker and then shot down three more quarrelsome. He continued to motivate his men to break the defences and destroy the hostiles till he yielded to his injuries. Subedar Major Kharaka Bahadur Limbu made an outstanding example of leadership, courage and gallantry in the highest traditions of the Assam Rifles and was later awarded Ashok Chakra.