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Subedar Sujjan Singh :-

A Hero who saved his troop by sacrificing his life.

Subedar Sujjan Singh’s Courage and love towards nation make him sacrifice his life. Know how he faced danger and fought it with bravery.

Subedar Sujjan Singh

  • Subedar Sujjan Singh was born on March 30, 1953.
  • He was born in Kanina Khas in Haryana.
  • He had a deep interest in joining Indian Army.
  • He was an Indian military officer with the 13th Battalion of the Kumaon Regiment.
  • After joining army he got promoted as the sub subedar on 1st August 1991.
  • He was posted to 20 bengal battalion NCC, Calcutta.
  • He came back to Kumaon Regiment on 24th may 1994

Story  of Subedar Sujjan Singh

On 26 September 1994, Subedar Sujjan Singh was the search party commander of an search operation to remove terrorists from the jungles near the Zalurah village of Kupwara in Jammu and Kashmir. The team identified the militant’s 2 hideouts but at the distance of 15 meters away from those hideouts the team faced intense gun firing. Sensing the danger, he decided to provide cover for his team, he physically moved towards the hideout. He sustained several gunshot injuries but continued to move forward until bullets pierced his helmet and killed him instantly. Subedar Sujjan Singh’s act ensured that all the terrorists were killed, their arms and ammunitions recovered, and his team saved. For his incredible bravery, he was posthumously awarded the Ashoka Chakra, the highest peace time military decoration in India