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On 15th October 1977, Squadron Leader Sidhu was ordered to evacuate Sir Edmund Hillary the leader of Ocean to sky Expedition who was lying critically ill at the base camp located at a height 17,5000 feet above Mean Sea Level. A veteran of many causality evacuation missions, Squadron Leader Sidhu could easily comprehend the gravity of the situation.

He planned his mission immaculately, got airborne and spotted snow covered gorge on which Sir Edmund Hillary was perched, would make evacuation extremely hazardous. As he adroitly maneuvered the helicopter so that it was inches above the ground, loose and scattered snow started flying all around and caused a mini blizzard. Undeterred by this, he kept the helicopter stationery by maintaining a perfect hover, at the altitude 17,5000 feet till his copilot jumped down and helped Sir Edmund Hillary into the helicopter. In this action Squadron Leader Sukhmander Singh Sidhu displayed great courage, determination and professional skill of high order