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On 27th April, 1972, Squadron Leader Tejwant Singh was detailed as a leader of a 2-aircraft low level escort formation to attack an airfield during an Exercise. At approximately 1800 hours, while flying at a speed of 840 kmph, a large bird struck aircraft. The right side of the canopy was shattered leaving a big gaping hole and Squadron Leader Tejwant Singh sustained injuries on his face, chest and shoulders. He was rendered temporarily blind in the right eye and was bleeding profusely. The canopy was forced partially open and the pilot microphone was damaged. As a result he was unable to transmit the information about the damage to his aircraft and injuries. However by his determination and a high degree of flying skill, despite his injuries and partial blindness, he bravely tackled the situation and brought the aircraft back to base safely.

In this action, Squadron Leader Tejwant Singh displayed courage and professional skill of a high order.