Let's salute to our Indian Army together, We are proud to be Indian.

During the operations in the Naga Hills in October, 1956, the I. A. F. was assigned the task of dropping supplies in the two zones of Zekwera and Dzulake which were not only extremely small but difficult to approach since flying in the area was full of hazards due to the treacherous air currents at the dropping zones. As the operations could not be put off, Sqn. Ldr. Anderson volunteered to carry out the task. He flew four sorties between 19th and 25th October, 1956 and dropped the necessary supplies. The hazardous task was a trial of both courage and skill. The fact that the dropping zone had to be subsequently abandoned as being too dangerous for airdrops goes to show the extent risk that the officer had accepted and the determination that he displayed.

The gallant act of Sqn. Ldr. Anderson is in keeping with the highest traditions of the Air Force.