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Corporal Phani Raju Kala Venkata AFSO II has been on the posted strength of an operational Wing since March 1973. On 25th September 1975, when he was on Aircraft Crash Crew duty, an AN-12 aircraft landed with heavy smoke and fire in the crew cabin due to the electrical short circuit. Corporal Phani Raju Kala Venkata immediately followed the aircraft with the crash tender. As soon as the aircraft came to a halt, in complete disregard to his personal safety, rushed into the aircraft and started extinguishing fire. Although he felt suffocated due to heavy smoke, he did not lose courage and continued his endeavours to extinguish the fire and was ultimately able to bring the fire under control and thus saved a valuable and irreplaceable aircraft.

In this action, Corporal Phani Raju Kala Venkata displayed exemplary courage, initiative, determination and devotion to duty of a high order.