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On the 6th December, 1977, Corporal Vishwanath Sharma, who was returning to his unit after expiry of his Casual Leave, had to break his journey at Delhi Railway Station to catch a connecting train to Jodhpur. At about 1430 hours on that day, Sergeant Mange Ram of Air Force Station, Jodhpur, was passing through Company Bagh, opposite Delhi Railway Station, happened to notice two persons trying to pick the pocket of a person sleeping in the Company Bagh. On being challenged, both of them attacked Sergeant Mange Ram and pushed him into the hedge. Corporal Sharma, who happened to be there, rushed to his help. The Criminals, who tried to run away, were given hot chase by Corporal Sharma and Sergeant Mange Ram. One of the culprits named Gurdeep, whipped out a dagger and stabbed Corporal Sharma in the stomach. Corporal Sharma was immediately rushed to Jayaprakash Narayan Hospital by Sergeant Mange Ram and later to Military Hospital, Delhi Cantonment for intensive care on 17th December, 1977, where he succumbed to his injuries, the next day. The criminals were later nabbed by the police.

In this action, Corporal Vishwanath Sharma displayed exemplary courage, high sense of comradeship and undaunted determination.