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On the 15th September, 1970, a fire broke out in the stores section of a helicopter unit. On hearing that the unit stores were on fire, NC (E) Yamapalla Papa Rao, Cook immediately rushed to the scene of the fire carrying two fire extinguishers. He found that the fire had spread and was endangering the safety of the adjacent store rooms and the hangar in which the two aircrafts were parked. He immediately started fighting with the fire. Though the flames were fierce and he suffered sever burns on his body, NC (E) Yamapalla Papa Rao continued fighting the fire with complete disregard to his personal safety until the regular fighting party took over. NC (E) Yamapalla Papa Rao efforts help to localize the fire to only two rooms and enabled two aircrafts and other valuable stores to be shifted to a place of safety.

In this section, NC (E) Yamapalla Papa Rao displayed courage, initiative and determination.